Welcome to the Coco Crew

Ali W.

Owner & Founder

Born and raised in NJ, I’ve lived my whole life on the East coast until recently relocating to the midwest in 2017 with my husband Chase, an Omaha native and 2003 Westside alum. We have three beautiful and spirited children, Clare, Ruth and Robert. While I can’t bring the salty air and sandy beaches to Nebraska, I am bringing the joy of Jersey Shore boardwalk custard here (the next best thing in a shore town)!

go-to order: A chocolate-vanilla twist with chocolate sprinkles

Chunk the walrus

Coco the seal

Sharing his namesake with the shop, Coco is the original member of the crew. He loves baking and crafting so when given the opportunity to come up with our specialty cones, he has been thriving! When not in the kitchen stirring up new creations, you can find him body surfing and ice fishing with his buddies.

Our lovable grump, embodies the mantra “ice cream solves everything.” It might take a lot of ice cream to get this guy to smile though. You can usually find Chunk at band practice, learning guitar and saxophone. Mopey or not, we all love him.

Skater the Penguin

skater is the spunky child in all of us. When this chick is not wiping out on her skis or rollerblading at the skatepark , you’ll find her TikToking and reel making with her best friend, Percy. If there’s a trend to be discovered, count on Skater to find it. 

Percy the polar bear

Did you know Polar Bears are party animals? (No? Maybe we made that up). Percy, the crew’s resident polar bear, loves hip-hop and teaching himself the newest dance trends. If you’re lucky enough to catch him at the shop, you’ll likely see him practicing his moves for one of Skater’s trending TikTok reels.