Our Story

I think it’s fair to say most of us have childhood memories involving ice cream. For me, growing up in New Jersey, there were many. Hot summer weekends “down the shore,” walking along the boardwalk with a cone in hand, trying to eat it all before it melted down my arm. Making a trip back to New Jersey years later to that same roadside custard stand, only this time as a mom, and seeing my children’s eyes light up the way mine used to too as they were handed their ice cream. When looking back, these memories are never about how unique and artisanal the ice cream flavors were or how elaborately it was made and presented; they’re memories of quality times spent together with family and friends.

The idea for Countryside Cones didn’t come to fruition from any sort of background in the food industry (a pediatric ICU nurse by training; my husband, Chase, a physician). Frankly, we simply wanted an ice cream shop in the neighborhood for our three kids to enjoy as they grow up. We determined if no one else was going to open one, we were! Choosing Countryside Village was an easy decision for us by being within walking distance from schools, churches, our house and other surrounding neighborhoods landing us here in “the village.” 





Our Mission

Our family’s hope is that you will view Countryside Cones (or Coco’s as my children call it) as much yours as it is ours. Bringing people together to enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures- ice cream- is why we decided to open this shop. Fostering relationships with the community and between its members is important to us. We want Coco’s to be a place for loved ones to gather, connect, and unwind. A place to make the bad days “all better,” and the worries of the real world be put to rest, even if only for a little while. 

We hope you will look forward with as much excitement for visits to “Coco’s” as we are to have you here.

What we serve

Our menu is simple, but nonetheless delicious. Our premium frozen custard is made fresh daily in our shop using 100% all-natural dairy bases and ingredients. We have dairy-free and vegan options to choose from as well. Countryside Cones offers timeless treats and an enjoyable experience that we hope keeps you coming back time and time again.